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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries does Envista operate in?

Envista consultants are able to provide on-site services across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  We also offer remote services to organisations in the EU27 through our sister company Luculence Consulting, based in Estonia.  If you are located in other locations and are interested in working with us, please contact us.

How can I book a consultation?

Please us the engagement form below to describe your requirements.

Are You Hiring?

We are not currently hiring, however, we are always on the lookout for talented professionals with experience in business transformation to join our network.  Please connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Our IR35 Policy

From April 6th 2021, the UK government will extend the "Off-Payroll" legislation to organisations in the private sector.

In preparation for these changes, we have been consulting with legal and tax experts and we are confident that will be able to continue offering our services on a purely "outside IR35" basis.  We take considerable pride in delivering the best possible service to our clients, and we feel that it is on this basis that we can best achieve this outcome.  By operating outside of IR35, we can ensure that Envista is fully insured and accredited to industry standards; that our consultants have the autonomy required to deliver the highest quality performance while accomodating rapidly evolving delivery conditions; and also that the consultants have the appropriate specifications of equipment and levels of training and accreditation to deliver a comprehensive service, and all with no financial impact to you.  

In order to protect our clients and associates from any negative consequences of these changes, however, it has been necessary to establish some policies about how we engage with clients and conduct our business. 

At the beginning of every new engagement, we now offer a free, no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your needs, our capabilities and propose a suitable approach to delivery.  We will then work with you to define an IR35 compliant Statement of Work (SoW) for deliverables over a horizon of upto 3-6 months.  Once the contract is established, we will then provide weekly progress reports on the delivery until the contract is concluded.  All of our estimates will be based on the scope of work to be done and invoices will be based on progress made towards the delivery of the work package; we regret that we are not able to provide quotes or invoices based on a daily or hourly rate of consultation.

​Please be advised that our consultants will provide services at the locations, and hours, that in their professional judgement are most appropriate for the satisfactory and timely provision of the services in the contract.  If the consultant assigned to deliver the services is unable to do so for any reason, we shall provide an adequately experienced, skilled and qualified substitute at no extra cost to you.  As the client, you would still have the right to refuse this substitute, if, in your reasonable opinion, the individual is not suitable due to a lack of specific skills, experience and/or qualifications.

​If you have any further questions about the contents of this policy, our commitments to our clients or our compliance with the off-payroll legislation, please feel free to contact us at the following link.

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